FCDV Programs

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Capacity Building, Research and Training

FCDV in partnership with other organizations seeks to design and implement research and training in areas of environmental conservation, climate change and adaptation, health and community development initiatives with the sole aim of empowering them with the ability to effectively manage and execute their stated mandates.

Environment & Livelihoods Development

FCDV through this program aims to protect and conserve the environment and improve opportunities for communities in attaining secure and sustainable livelihoods. 

Specifically the program seeks to:

  • Enhance  awareness and education towards sustainable management of natural resources
  • Create a platform for environmental stewardship and volunteership
  • Engage in activities that will enhance climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies.
  • Promote effective home and industrial waste management and the use of renewable energy technologies to improve sanitation and reduce pollution.
  • Create and expand opportunities for sustainable livelihoods for communities. 

The program works in the isviagraotc.com following priority areas:

  1.  Livelihoods Development
  2. . Pollution & Waste Management
  3. Energy & Climate Change
  4.  Natural Resources Management

Healthcare Services

The Health Care Program of FCDV seeks to reduce the burden of disease in Kenya by supporting and building capacities in the prevention and management of diseases, general health development and improvement of health and social awareness in the communities.

The organization envisages building the capacity of communities and other civil society organizations involved in addressing health issues in the communities. 

The organization seeks to work with communities to implement activities related to the following programs.

  •  Reproductive Health, Gender and HIV/AIDS
  • Women Health and Nutrition
  • Health Awareness and Education

Community Micro-Enterprise Development 

Most of the population in Kenya especially in rural areas and the urban poor live on less than $2 USD per day. Based on this fact, FCDV has a mission of working with underserved, marginalized and disadvantaged community members and helping build their capacity and enhance their access to affordable financial services and credit for socio-economic development of their households and that of their larger community. This is envisioned to be the most effective and vibrant vehicle for poverty reduction and a catalyst for socio-economic development.

Through community micro aid development, people will gain economic independence, allowing them to play a more active and assertive role in the development of the economy.


FCDV is an NGO in Kenya with head offices in Nairobi, working with communities and partners to fight poverty and improve peoples lives.


ICEA Building, 17th Floor-Kenyatta Avenue,
Nairobi, Kenya.

P.O Box 580-00100

Email : info@fcdvafrica.org



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