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Environment and livelihood development

FCDV through this program aims to protect and conserve the environment and improve opportunities for communities in attaining secure and sustainable livelihoods.  [ALL]

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Healthcare Services

The Health Care Program of FCDV seeks to reduce the burden of disease in Kenya by supporting and building capacities 

Community Micro-Enterprise Development

Most of the population in Kenya especially in rural areas and the urban poor live on less than $2 USD per day

Capacity building, research and training

FCDV in partnership with other organizations seeks to design and implement research and training


FCDV is an NGO in Kenya with head offices in Nairobi, working with communities and partners to fight poverty and improve peoples lives.


ICEA Building, 17th Floor-Kenyatta Avenue,
Nairobi, Kenya.

P.O Box 580-00100

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