Warframe Review And Their Abilities

You can go ahead and take off half your reins and replace that for your pact if you want to just get more radiation damage that’s totally fine as well. But let’s just go ahead and do that for the sake of this video can see that we have twelve carry radiation opposed to the radiation and toxin which is gonna be awesome and then move it on to our spoiler mode. So again if you don’t want to spoil anything and warframe Builder click off the video right now I’m going to cut to five and I’m going to continue.

Spoiler mode I recommend using rhetoric. I recommend getting an energizing dash.

That’s pretty much it for natural abilities that you want to have. But then I also want you guys to go out of your way to get I have to go back down here and thought that a little boy.

This is the area here. Maggots elevate what you have to these because you can’t just go in a night of transference and get a decent chunk of your health back then whenever it comes to your amp. Two to seven. So that is made up of the surface briefs squawk prism and these tracks on scaffold.

Ok. High end crit on the oak fire. So I’ll fire for me as metal my spartan. You’re gonna be using that to take down the shields off this boss that we’re gonna be fighting.

So you want to get that where you can get to to free wage. I don’t know if I still have that slot swap. Prison trucks and scaffold on Laura embraced.

That’s more realistic for you. You can go out of your way to get that one but two to seven is the recommended one because you’re just gonna take down the shields off this bus really really quickly with this in particular so maggots elevate.

Plus that two to seven amp you can go ahead and use markings on it like fury strike.

I don’t know a shadow’s practical for this fight but I like to use my fury just for a more consistent G.P.S. and whatnot.

It’s good and copy suit colors. There you go. Cool. He’s got to sit back down. and we’re gonna go ahead and we’re going to head to Jupiter.

The new reworked tower set. So you’re only gonna have access to this fight if you complete it. The chimera prologue and as far as I’m aware as soon as you complete that you’ll be able to jump in here.
I don’t know if it’s not there I haven’t invested too much into how to exactly unlock this you probably have to go all the way around but it’s after Ganymede which is the new game mode. I’m gonna have a video covering that on a later date but you just want to jump in here. There’s a lot of law content that happens whenever you start up this mission right.

So people are going to be talking and it’s going to be a little bit overwhelming.

Warframe Gameplay Story:

If you’re interested in the story take it slow but I’m just gonna go ahead and rush through this. I have the dialogue turned off because. you know this person talks a lot. I’m going to try to keep it as spoiler free as I possibly can. In this video but just what you your operator to dash on frame. recommend also getting the the what’s it called the pass away Vines from the Naam monetary also visor and whatnot so visor is gonna make it so you have more health. NAMA is gonna make it so you can park for faster while bash faster than if you have all the stuff in Zurich. Then while.

You’re gonna be able to dash a lot more right. So you see I was able to cover that entire gap right there. to avoid falling or anything so. big explosions everywhere. It’s a big bendy cinematic mission so. I’m just rushing for it so I can show you guys how to do the fight. Let’s go ahead and hack this.