What are VIP points in Gangstar Vegas and how to earn them?

What are VIP points in Gangstar Vegas and how to earn them

VIP points in Gangstar Vegas are what you earned after you accomplish mini missions, story missions and other events like them. Your points depend upon how much you have accomplished.  If you want to know how many points you have made so far then you need to click the VIP bar, by doing so you will get to see your earned points this will let you know if your VIP points are sufficient for qualifying as a VIP.

Now let’s get to learn what can assist you in earning VIP points in Gangstar Vegas:

There is not any rocket science in earning VIP points, some simple tips are there to follow so take a look at each of them, you might find them useful. Alternatively you can also download this gangstar vegas apk mod vip in order to get unlimited benefits and locked features available.

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Have a strong grip on a mission:

You need to have a firm standing in a mission, don’t lose it in any way. For this you can buy med-kits, weapons, ammo and body armor.

Speed up while travelling:

By speeding up your-self you will be able to save your time, for this you can open the map and select the mission the one you want to begin with.

Don’t Use Cover frequently:

You are not supposed to use the Cover too often, be wise enough to use gun and run strategy.

Avail Keys:

Though you won’t see much keys in Gangstar Vegas yet whenever you find them it is preferable to get them must. By collecting the Keys you will be able to unlock the boxes and chests, in the boxes there could be precious items. Keeping in mind you can also buy the keys with real money.

It will be prudent to up-grade:

For this you can considerate on weapons instead of paying too much attention on vehicle skills.

Purchase the Best Arms and guns:

By purchasing the finest arms it will be easier for you to win any mission, so you should try buying heavy weaponry instead of relying merely on uzis and pistols.

These are some of the fairly simple tips to earn VIP points in Gangstar Vegas, these points help you in qualifying for VIP status.